It is very simple to buy the t-shirt you like on-line.

Just, follow the steps below:

1. Use the drop-down menu on top left of the web page to select whether you would like to shop by artist or by style, Men or Women. There is also the section 'New' where you can see products that have been recently added to the online store or re-printed.

2. When you have found the item you want, click on the size you’d like to buy, adding it, this way, in your shopping cart. You can then click ‘Checkout’ in order to place your order, otherwise you will continue browsing for more t-shirts. You can click on the small cart on top right of the page at any point if you want to change quantities, delete or add more items.

3. Once you have finished placing items in your cart you can click ‘Checkout’ and proceed to order. You don’t necessarily need to register in order to finish your purchase and in that case you can chose 'Quick Checkout'. You will of course be asked to enter your e-mail and address in order to complete your order. If you wish the item to be shipped to another address (as a gift, for example) then you can send us the new address at the 'message field area'. You can also send us a message in the ‘message field’ area.

4. All prices are in € including VAT, but excluding all shipping costs. Shipping fees will be calculated after you have filled in the shipping address (for more info on shipping costs please visit the ‘FAQ’ section). You must then choose the payment method you prefer. The following payment options are available:

PayPal (you don’t need to have a PayPal account in order to pay with your credit card).


Cash on delivery (applicable only for shippings inside Greece).

5. After you have finalized your order you will receive an ‘Order Confirmation’ email. When your order has been shipped, you will receive a ‘Final Confirmation’ email stating so. It will take 2-4 business days to process your order.


If you have any questions or need further assistance please send us an email to