PhotoGraff (Street Art & Graffiti Photography Exhibition) @ StigmaLab , September 2011 Opening times : 12:00 - 21:00.Address: Andrea Metaxa 4, Exarchia

Stigma Lab is the first house of Street Art and is an autonomous source of artistic expression in the heart of Athens, located at the outskirts of Exarchi free zone. Ignoring the sign of times, Stigma Lab embraces Graffiti and Street Art forming a collective of people with different coordinates but with a common need to express themselves through art, art that derives from the streets we live in, art that derives from our experiences and not from sterile and "wannabe" surroundings.

Stigma Lab is loyal to giving step and outlet to street artists will present during September it's first street art photography exhibition taking place for the first time in Greece having as a sole purpose to promote it.

For the first time top Greek Street Artists will create having as a background the dull urban scenery and will have the opportunity to exhibit their work as it was captured by the camera lens. The life of the art created on the street and  και aimed at anyone walking by is usually brief and fragile, as it is exposed to every interference. The only loyal witnesses of what has been created are photographs.

Taking the opportunity of the Photograff exhibition, the first home of Street Art invites all that wish to attend this innovative exhibiotion having as a subject Urban Painting , Graffiti & Street Art at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, 1st September (20:00 - 01:00).  Music from the Urban Danja Sounds.

The exhibition will last all through September.

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