Yoki Attitudes suggests: Suede live at the ENTERTAINMENT STAGE (Iera Odos 7-13) on Sunday, 11/09/2011. Tickets Sold for 35 euro via and after 19th July through Public and Tickethouse. On the day of the concert tickets will be sold only through the cashier at the Entertainment Stage for 40 euro. Information: 210 9611118 and

Their reunion was an old and persistant request from their fans. When it became known a few months ago that Brett Anderson and his party will tour once again, the biggest festivals fought over them in order to list them in their line-up. Anyhow, Suede litteraly ruled over the 90's and they are considered to be one of the most succesful bands in British history.

All 4 albums that they produced during the 90's became gold, and the 3 of them having the Νο1 place in the charts! The band was constantly in the news, making every new single a success: She's In Fashion, Trash, Beautiful Ones, Saturday Night, Animal Nitrate, So Young, Stay Together, We Are The Pigs, Lazy, Filmstar,  New Generation these are only a few of their songs that stayed in history.

Since 2003, when they split up, the Suede legend continue to grow. Their performance on Sunday 11th September at the exquisite space of the Entertainment Stage is a special gift for their fans!